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We have the Solar Eclipse today peaking at 5:56 PM EST. What does this mean for you?It’s a time to put forth all your wishes for New Beginnings and Release What NO Longer Serves you!This is truly a day of “Magic in the Air” and I welcome you to release the old and outdated and put forth a new vision for yourself, and may I suggest? be specific and grateful… It will move things forward with more ease. Be Well and Inspired,NicaelaThe moon begins to cross in front of the sun during a partial solar eclipse in Sydney on May 10, 2013. A partial solar eclipse will be visible across much of Canada today.
This time is an “Incendiary Time,” between the lunar and solar eclipses this month, as well as the influences of a grand fire trine,  we find ourselves in the middle now, with  strong emotions, passions, urges, irritation, reactivity, anger, all associated with “Fire” leading us to burn through things. WE are shedding old skins, like the Snake, or more aptly like the Phoenix, and New Beginnings are occurring on multiple levels,  to change our relationships.. to just about everything! A lot of information is coming through. Especially now, I advise a lot of “Calming and Releasing” activities that inform and move things, such as meditation, yoga, exercise, lyrical music, journaling, art, creative projects, structures that move, etc…to help with this, as well as Processing, Processing, Processing what comes up with a lot of love from the Heart, quickly so it doesn’t stay stuck and lodged in the body, as the next experience is on the way. This will help things be manageable. As the intensity roars, and our evolutions soars:) What is outmoded can be released and there will be room for the new.Know that…It’s all happening at an accelerated pace for most of us.
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