Manage and balance the energies of your inner and outer worlds effectively.


BLUE RADIANCE CARE is a Conscious Energy Management System, based on ancient healing traditions and modern techniques that balance body, mind, and spirit. Using complementary tools of energy management, coaching and energy healing, we are able to address the following:

  • Life Priorities & Purpose – connecting to  sources of vital energy
  • Energies – balancing at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels
  • Creativity – optimizing use of your abilities
  • Spirituality – increasing alignment
  • Relationship – helping connection
  • Children – balancing and integrating
  • Parenting – attuning to what is of importance

The balancing of different levels of experience increases the flow of energy in your life. In the process of transformation, important messages, support and suggestions are made available to you, optimizing positive benefits and health.

Brief Description of Treatment

  • First 15 mn. – Seated comfortably, in a welcoming room or virtually, we discuss your priorities for the session.
  • Next 30 mn. – Next, an energetic assessment and alignment of your energy systems takes place, focusing especially on what is of highest priority.
  • Last 15 mn. – Following your session, 3 personalized practical suggestions, are given to you. These shall align with your potential and enhance your well-being, as you integrate them in your life. The suggestions range from the physical to the spiritual.

Usually after the first session, you will feel relaxed and radiant and notice significant differences. At least 3 sessions are recommended to maximize the benefits.

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Today, most of us are exposed to such an overwhelming amount of information, media, technologies and energies, it is difficult to assimilate and integrate these in a positive manner in our lives.  The need to balance and learn to manage the energetic element of our lives makes BLUE RADIANCE CARE essential.  Energy, is an element to recognize and manage in ourselves and our lives.


Nicaela has an extraordinary gift of healing. When I first met with her, I knew that I was out of balance, but apart from feeling tired and a little stressed, I couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong with me.

She was able to tap into my unconscious physical and emotional issues and help me to release blockages that were affecting my health and well-being. She did this with gentleness and kindness, so that after each session I felt better, more healed, aligned and had greater clarity and direction to move forward in life.

She represents a new generation of healers who treats the mind, body and spirit. Unlike traditional health-care, the holistic approach empowers the individual so they can participate in their own self-care.

I suspect that my work with Nicaela saved me lengthy and often fruitless trips to doctors. I suffer from endometriosis and the first time we met, Nicaela noticed that my breathing was shallow and my energy was not flowing freely to my lower body. She immediately picked up on a blockage, that she suspected was due to childhood sadness: I have many issues related to my mother. And although I knew about the link between emotions and ob-gyn issues from reading the work of Christiane Northrup, I didn’t know how to heal myself and my ob-gyn, just wanted to give me hormones.

On another visit when I was suffering from anxiety about work and experiencing vivid dreams, she was able to connect with my spirit guides and interpret the dreams as well as any Jungian psychologist, which probably saved me hours of talk therapy.

It has been a profound and wonderful experience and I am extremely helpful to Nicaela for all her help and guidance during this healing journey.

C. S.